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Welcome to the Institute of Egyptology in Vienna!

A modern discipline

Egyptology is a wide-ranging discipline with nearly 200 years of research history, devoted to the study of the cultural history of the Prehistoric, Pharaonic, Hellenistic-Roman and pre-Islamic (Coptic) Egypt through various source categories. Studying and teaching Egyptology require a comprehensive study of the historical, linguistic, religious, social, economic and artistic characteristics of these cultures over a period of thousands of years. The research, as it is currently being conducted at the University of Vienna, includes both content of  philological content, ie language and textual science, the capture of the design of architecture and decoration of buildings, as well as archaeological exploration of material culture through excavations in Egypt.



Focuses of the discipline


Egyptian language and texts (grammar, reading and text analysis of various literary and non-literary sources)




Investigation of material culture through scientific methods of excavation, analysis and interpretation. Archeology uses numerous scientific methods (for example from chemistry, physics, biology and medicine)

Art History

The history of art in Egyptology examines the architecture and architectural history of temples, tombs and cities and their artistic design through painting, relief and sculpture.


Ägyptologische Gesellschaft Wien

We would like to draw attention to an Egyptology Association: "Ägyptologische Gesellschaft Wien". It offers its members the opportunity to be informed about current topics and research results in Egyptology and to participate in exciting events. Furthermore, the ÄGW supports the Egyptological research in Vienna in order to ensure new, interesting research results in the future. For more information, see


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