Studying Egyptology at the University of Vienna

Admission to the degree programme

Do you have any questions regarding the admission procedure? You can find detailed information about your steps in the admission procedure on the website: Studying at the University of Vienna (


Degree programmes


Bachelor Programme in Egyptology (A 033 698)

Please note, that the bachelor programme requires a proof of Latin before admission. For all relevant information follow the link.

The programme is scheduled for 6 Semesters and consists of 180 ECTS (120 ECTS Egyptology and 60 ECTS (Extension curricula and alternative extensions).


In the 1. semester there is an Introductory and Orientation Period (19 ECTS) which consists of 3 Modules with 5 lectures in total.

Please note: the 4 lectures of Modules B and C will only be held in the Winter term (WS).

Module A

P-A Principles of Thinking in Historical and Cultural Studies


VO StEOP: Basics of Historical and Cultural Thinking


Module B

P-B Middle Egyptian: Language and Script
PUE STEOP: Middle Egyptian I only winter term

 VO Middle Egyptian I


only winter term

Module C

P-C Ancient Egypt: An Introduction Part I

VO Introduction to Ancient Egypt: An Overview

only winter term
VO Introduction to Ancient Egypt: Special Topicsonly winter term


After you have passed the STEOP successfully you can continue with the study programme.

Suggested path through the Bachelor study programme


For the Curriculum of the Bachelor study programme follow the link.


Master Programme in Egyptology (A 066 898)

The Master programme is scheduled for 4 semesters and consists of various Compulsory- and Elective Modules, a Master thesis and a Defensio (120 ECTS in total) .

Suggested path through the Master study programmefileadmin/user_upload/i_egyptology/studium/StudienverlaufMA.pdf

For the Curriculum of the Bachelor study programme follow the link.


Extension Curriculum Egyptology (064)

For students of other Bachelor study programmes we offer an Extension Curriculum Egyptolgy (30 ECTS).

The Extension Curriculum consists of a Compulsory Module: Ancient Egypt-an Overview and 1 Elective Module out of 2 (eighter Egyptian Philology or Egyptian Art History and Archaeology). 

For the Curriculum please follow the link.


Any questions??

You can get directly in contact with the StudienServiceStelle Egyptology ( or the student representatives (Studierendenvertretung) by person oder per e-mail: