Student Representative Group

According to the Austrian University Law (HSG 98 / Fassung 2005) §17, each field of studies has to set up a Student Representative Group (StRV) to be elected every two years by the students of that discipline. As the number of Egyptology students is generally limited, the Student Representative Group (SRG) may not exceed 3 persons.



The most important duties of the StRV are to represent the interests of students in matters relating to the field of study, the promotion of the discipline, the participation in institutional meetings, conveying student positions regarding proposals relating to university laws and the disposal of the budget. The SRG also organises events for the institute (i.e. the Egyptologist´s Breakfast, the Christmas party and end of semester party) and offers an enrolment-advice session at the beginning of each semester. Students can also approach us with any questions relating to their studies in the course of the semester during our weekly contact hours (see Contact below).


The Current StRV.

The current StRV was newly elected by the students of the Institute for Egyptology in the course of the ÖH elections. It consists of the following (all politically independent):

·       Tobias Emanuel Golser

·       Andreas Zommer




You can contact us by E-Mail: with your problems and questions. Always give „StrV Ägyptologie: Frage/Problem“ as the subject of your mail so it doesn´t get directed to Spam. We will try and get back to you as quickly as possible.