Ass. Prof. Dr. Irmgard Hein

Assistant Professor at the Institute for Egyptology

Deputy director of VIAS (Vienna Institute for Archaeological Research) at the Faculty of Historical Cultural Science

Franz-Klein-Gasse 1, 1190 Vienna

Room: AE.36

Telefon: +43-1-4277-43106
eFax: +43-1-4277-843106

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Academic career


Deputy director of VIAS (Vienna Institute for Archaeological Research) at the faculty of Historical Cultural science.


Guest lecturer Mexico City, Escuela Nacional de Antropologia e Historia a travès del Posgradoen arqueologia.

2010 -2013

Visiting professor for Egyptology, Dept. for Archaeology, Ancient History and Egyptology, University of Uppsala (SE).

2009, 2010

Guest lecturer for Egyptology, Dept. for Archaeology, Ancient History and Egyptology, Uppsala University (SE).


Research fellow at the University of Cambridge (UK).


Vice director of the Interdisciplinary Research platform VIAS (Vienna Institute for Archaeological Research, (University of Vienna). Scientific analyses of ceramics. Cooperation with the department of Lithospheric studies.

2000 – 2007

Member of the Commission for Egypt and the Levant at the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


Guest lecturer Eötvös Lorand University Budapest.


Tenured. Assistant Professor, Institute for Egyptology, University of Vienna, Austria.

since 1989

Lecturer at the Department of Egyptology at the University of Vienna. 


Scientific assistant at the University of Vienna, Institute for Egyptology.


PhD, University of Vienna, Egyptology (topic: Ramesside building activity in Nubia).

1982 - 1987

Research fellow for the CAA project in the Egyptian collection of “Kunsthistorisches Museum”, Vienna.



Research interests

  • Egyptian archaeology
  • Egyptian art
  • Material culture and technology in Ancient Egypt
  • History of New Kingdom
  • Cultural development of Late Bronze Age in Eastern Mediterranean area
  • Archaeometric Ceramicanalysis and methods
  • Comparative Archaeology



Collaborative research centre SCIEM 2000, FWF F014-S1412, head of research field Cyprus


FWF P18908-N19, The Plain White Wares of Late Bronze Age Cyprus - A multidisciplinary approach in archaeological methods (Kooperation VIAS, und Dept. für Lithosphärenforschung)



Austrian excavation in Tell el-Dab'a, cooperation with ÖAI


EES Survey to Memphis

1993/1994, 1995/1996, 2002-2005

The Treasury of Thutmosis I in Karnak North


Polish Mission at the Hatshesput temple in Deir el-Bahari


Geomagnetic survey in Karnak North

2007, 2008

The British Museum mission at El-Kab


Studies on Egyptian pottery in Hierakonpolis


Spanish Mission in Thebes, TT 11, Tomb of Djehwty


Archive mission for the Egyptian SCA in collaboration with the IFAO, Universität Uppsala, in Karnak-North

Organised conferences/ workshops/ exhibitions


Workshop: The Pyramids between Life & Death, Universität Uppsala


Organization of the workshop: Regionalism in the Middle and Late Cypriot Periods (2nd Millenium B.C.), at the IVth International Cyprological Congress held at Nicosia


Presentation of Archeological methods at the Austrian Sience Week for VIAS


Organization of the conference "The Lustrous-wheel-made-Wares of LB Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean"


Organization of the exhibition "Pharaonen und Fremde" in Vienna"


Organization of the exhibition "25 years of Research. Excavations in Tell el-Dabca, Ancient Avaris" in cooperation with the Austrian Archaeological Institut in Cairo at the Egyptian Museum Cairo.

Selected publications


in Vorb.

(Ed.), The Manual on Cypriot Bichrome Wheelmade Ware - Potters Art in Red and Black.


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in Druck

Potters Art in Red and Black: The Manual on Cypriot Bichrome Wheelmade Ware. CChEM **


Museum catalogs/ contributions


Gaza och Egypten på 1000-talet f.Kr., in: Catalogue: Gaza - Porten mot Havet, Medelhavsmuseet, (Red. S. Häggman). Stockholm 2011. 61-70


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Book chapters


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Articles in journals

im Druck

Cypriot and Aegean Features in New Kingdom Egypt. Cultural elements interpreted from archaeological finds. Proceedings of the 10th International Egyptological congress, Rhodos 2008. (im Druck)


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