Studying Egyptology at the University of Vienna

This page is intended to help all those interested in studying Egyptology. The first thing for you to do is to check the general admission requirements for the University of Vienna.


Admission to the degree programme

Do you have any questions regarding the admission procedure? You can find detailed information about your steps in the admission procedure on the website Studying at the University of Vienna.


The following FAQs should provide you an insight into the discipline of Egyptology.


  • Which degrees does the University of Vienna offer in Egyptology?

The University of Vienna offers a Bachelor programme ( UA 033 698) and a Masters degree programme ( UA 066 898).


  • What are the prerequisites for studying Egyptology?

In general, entry to the University of Vienna requires either a school leaver’s certificate or the completion of a university entry examination. For entry into Egyptology, you will need a proof of Latin before you enrol. 

For information to the additional qualifications follow the link.



  • How are the Bachelor and Master’s degrees structured?

The Bachelor in Egyptology should be of at least 6 semesters duration. During this time you are required to collect 120 ECTS points from the courses on offer in Egyptology and an additional 60 ECTS points from Complementary Study Programs (Erweiterungscurricula i.e. minors).

The Masters in Egyptology should be of at least 4 semesters duration. You will need to collect 120 ECTS points from various Compulsory and Elective modules (see the Masters Curriculum). The Masters Examination and thesis are included in these.


  • Do I need to combine Egyptology with another degree?

There is no compulsory combination with a second degree.


  • Which courses do I need to attend in my first semester of the BA-programme?

1. Compulsory Module A – Principles of Thinking in Historical and Cultural Studies (STEOP), 5 ECTS

Für das Modul wird folgende Lehrveranstaltung in jedem Semester angeboten:

VO Grundlagen historisch-kulturwissenschaftlichen Denkens, 5 ECTS, 2 Sst.


2. Compulsory Module B: Middle Egyptian Language and Script (STEOP) 6 ECTS

Please note!!!! The lectures will be held only in the winter term (Wintersemester).


VO Mittelägyptisch I, 4 ECTS, 2 Sst.

PUE Mittelägyptisch I, 2 ECTS, 1 Sst.


3. Compulsory Module C: Ancient Egypt: An Introduction I (STEOP) 8 ECTS

Please note!!!! The lectures will be held only in the winter term (Wintersemester).


VO Einführung in das Alte Ägypten: Überblick, 4 ECTS-Punkte, 2 SSt.

VO Einführung in das Alte Ägypten: Themen im Fokus, 4 ECTS- Punkte, 2 SSt.


Nach der positiven Absolvierung der StEOP kann das Studium fortgeführt werden.

Empfohlener Studienplan für das Bachelor-Curriculum in Ägyptologie (in German)

You will find the Bachelor Programme here.



If anything is unclear, you can get directly in contact with the StudienServiceStelle Egyptology ( or the representatives of our area of study (Studierendenvertretung) by person or by e-mail: